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Ralph Thompson
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Artistic Philosophy
Nude woman drawing by Ralph ThompsonNudes...
The main (but not the only) current focus of my artwork is the female nude: perhaps the most consistent and dominating theme throughout all of the history of art, and yet one that I believe can still yield fresh insights into the human condition and exciting artwork.
My aim is to explore how a drawing made of charcoal, pastel, ink or paint - depicting a body, made of flesh, bones, skin and blood - can portray a mind consisting of thoughts, dreams, hopes and fears. How one moment in a person's life when they are revealing their body can make them suddenly aware of what and where they are; and how this can open up so many new or hidden thoughts and feelings.
Alongside this indulgence of psychological curiosity I hope to continue in the long, long line of artists that have used whatever skill they can muster in attempt to capture the pure natural beauty of the female form. Some aspects of this beauty seem to be timeless but all things are in some part linked to the climate and fashions of the day and I hope that I will be able to depict some examples of a truly modern, contemporary vision of the 'perfect' beauty: my 'Venus'.
Naked girl drawing by Ralph Thompson


I like to get as much creative input from the model as possible, trying to capture some of the character of the person and the emotion of the moment. Different women react to being nude in very different ways, with mixed feelings of exposure, freedom, fear, excitement, modesty and pride. And the feeling often changes as the drawing session progresses, the relationship between artist and model matures, and the model gains confidence. This dynamic interaction is particularly interesting for me.


Obviously each woman that I draw has a different body as well as a unique personality and so I don't like to plan too much before starting the drawing. I believe the art remains a 'truer' reflection of the subjective experience if it is a reaction to the moment and the particular environment at the time of creation.

Examples of my drawings of nudes can be seen in my slide-show portfolio here. Please contact me with any enquiries regarding commissioning or purchasing my work.

Reclining nude woman by Ralph Thompson
"People say I think too much about women, yet, after all what is there more important to think about?"
Auguste Rodin

Portraiture...Berenika by Ralph Thompson, oil on canvas painting

People are inherently interested in other people: who they are, what stories they have to tell, what they think and feel, how they got to be where they are, what they are good at and where their weaknesses lie... it is no surprise then that portraying a person in a drawing, painting, sculpture or any other media is a rewarding, popular and enjoyable enterprise.


I hope to be able to find a small group of people who I find particularly inspiring and try to capture some of that I see in them in life on canvas. While I would hope that the portraits bear a physical resemblance to the subject I am also interested in an emotional resemblance, I want my pictures to be of the person, not just the body, and to capture some of the 'feeling' of the person. Much of my work to date has been of nude models and while I will continue with this I also plan to do some more none-nude now as well.



Nude drawing of Natasha Byrne by Ralph Thompson

"I would wish my portraits to be of the people, not like them. Not having a look of the sitter, being them."

Lucian Freud